Faith in the Future Initiative

The Faith in the Future Initiative will build a network of 100 young faith leaders from Christian and other religious backgrounds across the country over the next three years. This initiative will support the development of public faith among Canadian millennials by organizing events, creating tools, maintaining engagement, and convening conferences with young faith leaders.

Coffee Roundtables:

The Cardus Religious Freedom Institute (CRFI) will hold Coffee Roundtables to establish Faith in the Future communities across Canada. These coffee sessions will present the Faith in the Future Initiative to interested young leaders and encourage them to apply to the initiative. In addition, these events will give millennials the opportunity to meet, bond, learn, support and encourage each other on what it means to be a leader within their own faith communities.
Once accepted into the initiative, Faith in the Future Delegates will begin hosting regular monthly Coffee Roundtables in their respective cities. This will establish local communities through which they can build and expand their network.


The CRFI is planning two one-day conferences annually. These events will give young faith leaders the tools, knowledge, and confidence to live a public faith within and outside of their own faith communities.

Public Faith Projects:

Faith in the Future Delegates will design and propose projects for their local faith community that will support and encourage that community to live a public faith.
These local projects are not Cardus funded or sponsored projects. Cardus plays a convening role and a role in forming young faith leaders so that they may live an active public faith. Delegates will be responsible for these projects.

Voices from the Crowd:

Faith in the Future members will have the opportunity to submit articles for consideration to Convivium magazine’s Voices from the Crowd series. This gives Faith in the Future members a platform to articulate the importance of public faith in their lives.

Educational Tools:

The CRFI will support Faith in the Future communities through CRFI policy papers and other related Cardus research. This research will assist them in living a public faith and undergird the importance of faith for a flourishing, pluralist society.


The CRFI Advisory Council will mentor local Faith in the Future communities. Each community would have its own mentor to support them in living a public faith.